Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Creative Energy

I almost had a disaster over the weekend!

I got this little pop up on the side of my computer to upload the new version of Windows 10.  You know? I never really know what's legit or not anymore!! Pop ups for anit-virus, time is running out .... ways it seems that the cyber world is out there trying to scam you, get your information, selling you stuff you don't even know you need.

So.... I upgraded, clicked the button, did whatever it asked of me.... and after a few hours of trying to make adjustments and figure out what I just did.... I walked away from my computer and did some real stuff!!
Did you know that I like to make greeting cards?  
It's true!!

They bring me such an artistic satisfaction, at times I can't even explain what joy they bring me.

I enjoy making whimsical and fun cards.

I even like making more serious cards with bold color and bold shapes.

I especially love making cards that have doodle on them.

Not that card making is *easy.  It is a challenge that I love the beginning... middle and end result.

But then I got stuck.  I upgraded to Windows 10 on my computer.  I wanted to throw it out the window.  I couldn't 'make it do' what I needed or wanted it to do.  I wanted my old 'windows' back.

It appears many other people did also.  I did a search and found out that I could uninstall it.  In a heartbeat, I was all over that!  Don't get me wrong... I am loving all this computer technology.... but this past week, I wasn't up for learning anything new, or trying to figure out apps, or program layouts or updates.

Cross your fingers!!! Going back seemed to go really smooth. I was only updated for less than 24 hours.  I may go there again, but I'll leave that for another day, when I have nothing to do!

I will go back to my card making tried and true tools.  Need to move the mouse, computer, screens and papers, markers, and stuff to make a clear spot.... to make more creative greetings. Monday morning, let's start this week off in a great way!!!!

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