Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Charley, day 1

As part of a lovely little gift pack for Charley's mom, here is one of the happy cards with her 'fav' pooch all warm and toasty in a holiday scarf. I like all the different elements and shapes brought into this card. Also like the the lollipop corner dots (thanks Kim). Staying true to my only original cards, each one has a hidden heart on it somewhere around Charley.

Yay! Beautiful and sunny day today. Counting down the days to Christmas and the time when this temp job is done. There are mumblings amongst the temp crew, 'what and when we will be told" are our jobs a kaput.... or will some of us stay on????

1 comment:

Kim H. said...

OMG this is adorable! I love Charley dog in that scarf!


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