Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fun Cupcake

Well, not back to normal, but the holiday rush and anticipation is over! Time to start cleaning the paper and boxes, filing the receipts and vacuuming the plastic pine needles.

I noticed the other day that my stash of birthday cards is getting low, so I think I will need to focus on birthday cards. Love the layout below. I'm going back into the archives of some SCS folders to find some basic layouts and layered designs. I really like how this card turned out.

So yesterday Sissy and I went to Chicago and met up with my mom and 8 other friends and family members of said friend. We were our own crowd!! I like the difference of being downtown Chicago, but don't like the whining and the questions and the quirky-ness of 11 different personalities. My gal pal and I need to plan the day just for the two of us.... well we probably need to plan the gathered day (I'm sure my friend could gather a bus load of friends to bring to Chicago).... and then a day for ourselves!!


Chaotic said...

quite nice! how do you get the bows tied so neatly?

Kim H. said...

Very very cute! So, glad you had a great time! Gal pal time ROCKS!


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