Saturday, December 26, 2009

Twas the day after Christmas....

... and all through the land,
we got 10" of snow,
the weatherman DIDN'T plan.

Thank goodness we were snug
all cozy and warm
opening the plastic packaging of gifts
while outside, a storm.

We see all kinds of weather
Here's to living in the mid west
although snow is pretty
sunshine is always the best.

A new year is coming
it will be 2010
wishing you joy and happiness
Please come visit my blog again!!!

ps~ still having computer problems, but now I've moved everything to the lap top. I hope that doesn't crash! Yikes! And we got a computer back up drive from Santa.....computers, what would we do with out them?

1 comment:

Chaotic said...

wow...great shots..... only so glad it was you & not us!!


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