Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Charley, day 2

I'm cool like that!!! Charley has a little penguin friend.... how can it NOT be her boyfriend Cooper. I'm telling my puppy that Charley has a new dude!! Hee Hee!!! What a talented dog to balance a little north pole friend on her nose!!!! This one was fun to do!!!

Brrrrr, cold!! About 8 degrees out! But sunny! I'm not going in to work today until about 11 am.... that's kind of good.... I can get a few things done before rushing outta here. Yesterday I sat around for about 1 hours worth of time, waiting for work to come my way. The boss lady (well kid, I think I could be her mother she graduate high school in 2003) in charge says that she and her co-workers are so busy (but it's computer stuff). I could see that.... but if you don't have orders to pull and post for the hired help.... I just HATE sitting waiting for work. Sorry, I hate complaining, but venting here on my blog does help.... some day I'll have the perfect job and understand it all!!!!!

1 comment:

Kim H. said...

Just when I think Charley can't get any cuter he does! Simply adorable! Sorry work is sucking the bag from now for you!


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