Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's been a while since I did a Michelle Zindorf tutorial. The next 'card' holiday up must be Valentine's Day!! Lots of luscious pink and sassy red hearts popping up on SCS's gallery. Again, it's so amazing what Michelle can teach us to do with rubbing a little ink into paper. Here we are just smooshing ink off of a circle to create the bursting effect. So fun, I love learning!

Dreams: Do you remember your nightly dreams? Is there a difference between someone telling you to dream big and you day dreaming of what could happen? Is dreaming while you sleep your sub conscious bringing you to a place and now you are part of the scene that is being played out?

One re-occurring dream I have is working at McDonald's and I'm always so confused working at the register. I worked at McDonald's from 1980-1985.... it was a big part of my life. I also dream that my name can't be found on the schedule so I don't know when I'm supposed to come into work.

Maybe my McDonald's dreams are telling me the place I ought to go work.....could you imagine? 25 years later.... ugh the grease on my face.... no way!


Chaotic said...

I never did McD's but I worked the drivethru window @ Wendy's from 6am to 2pm... breakfast & lunch... I rocked that window!! My F2F skills were such that I was not allowed to work inside counter. Ppl @ drivethru KNEW what they wanted... ppl that stood & stared @ menu just irked me.

Chaotic said...

By the way... HNY 2 U! Love the card.. I have not tried that one of hers yet... but today is a whole new day (filled with Septic guy, laundry, etc). And, Mach is just around the corner for my trip to Zindorfville!!!

Kim H. said...

Oh ha oh ha...this is gorgeous! I am so in to Valentines Day this year! I have all my valentines just about done! WOO HOO! I never worked fast food! I worked at a donut shop! Happy 2010! Wish you the best year yet :)


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