Monday, December 21, 2009

Out with the old!

It's the end of December! Isn't that the time we reflect on the past year? What we've done! What we should have done! What needs to be cleaned out to start the new year fresh, so as not to repeat the same old things, over, and over and over again. Knowing what really matters in life!
Here are the first two cards: Although I thought the colors were more complimentary on the card above (I guess it didn't photo well, or my eyesight is shot) , it's part of a 10 pak gift pack sent to a special person. One day not too long ago, I received a surprise in the mail. Yellow paper, shades of yellow paper, embellishments in shades of yellow, ribbon and stickers and oh so much more. All this great fun stuff for a creative card maker, so I decided to have it combined into a special project that can't quite be revealed yet. In return for all the sweet citrus paper, we'll see only some of the stuff this week that I created with that care package.
I'm reading the book Eat, Pray, Love..... lots of good quotes.... good karma.... today I will sit here with a smile on my face as I meditate!!! And as I think how thankful I am to be able to reflect on the past and maybe get on with the future with a little bit of a SHINE on!


Cheryl said...

:) hi peggy.

Chaotic said...

hey...glad to hear hubby is okay after his run in with Rudolph. LOVE this card. Simple...elegant... clean lines. Great job!


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