Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Rudy and friend

Although I have a few other snowmen up my sleeve, I thought I would show (off) case something else. A little bella? brand Rudolph and his friend looking up at the stars. Joy to the World, a great sentiment! A little red stickles on his glowing nose and clear on the stars.

Well, we got the snow that was promised, I didn't shovel it (that's what I have my family for) but I would say we have at least 6"+ out there. Heavy wet stuff. I think DH is having trouble with the end of the drive when the snow plows came through. We have to make everything wide enough, now that we got the 3rd card on a 2 car type drive and garage. Oh to have such a problem!

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Kim H. said...

OH MY HEAVEN I love this card! I love the snow- granted I did no shoveling and no snowblowing! ha ha ha! Joe's buddy came by after work and plowed the driveway thank goodness the plow had been though then! The only sucky part about living on at the end of the cul-da- sac!


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