Thursday, December 03, 2009

Never tire of snowmen

I probably should have a separte post just for all the different kinds of snowmen I've found to re-create over the years. This cute guy was in last years stash as well. I had made the swirled background card stock, but couldn't find a use for it... then this guy fit right in the middle, I added a few snowflakes, white gel pen, oh.... maybe a little glitter glue?? Can't remember.... and voila!!! Many of these cards don't have a sentiment, so I can add it when I send it out to that someone special who needs a party on a card.

I was thinking... right now I'm temping at a gift card company.... my creative greetings !! are a card that is the gift!! Yeh, yeh.... not too funny this morning.... over cast and cloudy, nothing to laugh at. Hi ho.... it's off to work I go!


Cheryl said...

Snowmen are cute!!

Kim H. said...

I am loving all these snowman. te he he! We got a sneeze of snow again! More talk of snow! I know you don't want to hear it! LOL! Have a great day at work!


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