Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fairy Christmas

Oh my, I love all the cute puns out there. Not sure about this card with the cute Ketto girl, but I guess if you had a girly friend it might be the perfect card to give her for the holidays. The black side scallop is a Martha Stewart punch. I was going to say 'new'.... new to me, but I bet it's been out there a while. I don't know if MS line of paper crafts are going to make it. It's always on sale and M's has been having coupons for an additional 20% off. Cuttlebugged the background and used stickles to add glitter spots.

So I get to work a bit early yesterday (about 8:50 am... I work 9-5) because of the 6" of heavy wet snow and as I'm walking up to the building a bunch of family/temp workers are huddled around the entrance (smokers)... I think "Oh great" now I have to walk through that crap. And as I enter, all the other employees are sitting in the front hallway...."No power". We were out of power until about 11:00 am. We all gathered in the front room that has a huge picture window and just started stickering gift cards. (Sometimes when you get a card, they already have a tiny sticker on that reads the denomination) It was a warm and fuzzy moment. The company has 12 permanant employees, and it seems like there are about 3 friends of the bosses kid that come in and out running errands, 4 temp workers and 4 family members of one of the sales people. I'm thinking I have 7 more work days left!

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Kim H. said...

Very cute! I am not sure if my Micheal's has MS stuff on sale that much??? I am sort of anti- Micheal's the people that work at my store are RUDE! I am crazy happy about the snow! Sledding once it gets warmer: -3 not warm enough!

Just think of all that money that you are making!


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