Thursday, December 08, 2011

Small Subway Art

A few weeks ago I took an online Photoshop class and learned to make a grungy piece of word artwork that you might see on a poster in the subway. If you're interested scroll down to find the original poster that I made.... if I followed the instructions, the poster size print would be 16" x 24".  I adjusted the size to print at home on an 8-1/2 x 11 and put it in a frame.

I love the look and the technique and tried to figure out another way to use what I learned in the class, and brought it down on a much, much smaller scale... a drink coaster.

Lots of different fonts, sizes and color blocks.... the giftee's name a ton of times and fun things about them, with a little scruffiness on the edges make this 15 cent tile a great personalized gift.  Found the original tile coaster idea on Pinterest.  After a few coats of Mod Podge I laid my printed copy on top of an almost dried layer and then added multiple more coats of the glue on top to seal the paper on to the tile.  Finished off the top with a clear sealant spray and glued felt circles on the bottom to ease any rough-ness.

I actually found lots of extra tiles under our basement stairs.... Free!!!  Knock on wood.... no floor tiles or back splashes or shower surrounds have broke in the past 5 years..... so, I can use a few of the extra tiles, for crafting can't I????

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