Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Painted Stars Shine

What so proudly we hailed...
I am in Week #22 of LIFE'S simple pleasures and I can't express with enough words what an exciting journey this has been for me!  I hope that you have enjoyed all the different things I've highlighted and have attempted to enjoy the simple things in our lives.
Way back in January when I started this project, I wasn't sure if I would be able to find ideas for 52 weeks or an entire year, or if I would be able to keep up with my daily writing, and then add to that keeping up with additional creativity of all my other fun projects, insert a few online classes & books that are helping me to achieve my year of...LIFE!
As many of you know, the longest job I've ever held is coming to a close at the end of summer.  My daily interaction of being a mom to my two children will forever change as we send our youngest off to college.  I must admit that it is totally bittersweet, and I have sat here typing my post too many times with tears streaming down my face.  Tears for my fears of the unknown of what I am supposed to do next... I don't have a plan... I don't have another dream...I am seeking God's help in finding HIS next purpose for me!
Tears of joy and sadness, fear, hope, anxiety of what my next step will be!!!
I guarantee I will touch on this subject more, because it's who I am right now... such an emotional being.... but I've also learned on this journey that by being a creative person... it's part of my nature to EXPRESS myself... to show off... to get excited when I've designed something... I never even knew was possible!!!
If you wear your emotions on your sleeve you have to learn to take the good and take the bad from the reactions of those around you... because most people don't care if you are being true to your nature, and you have to find it within yourself to be proud of who you are.
It makes me happy when things come together and they click.  Ideas, greeting cards, a delicious recipe, beautiful blossoms in the garden, a fun & easy doodle, a heartfelt poem, a great blog posting, a good hair day.... :0)
I'm learning to paint.  Maybe it's a metaphor for really seeing LIFE for what it is, accepting people for who they are, and finding the pleasures in even the smallest of things. ALL of these things which are REALLY hard to do when you are not feeling your best self, I must admit!
I'm not being formally taught to paint, but I'm being inspired and I'm practicing....and I'm keeping up with my he♥ART Journal.... and so today, I thought I would show you my painting of the American Flag from the cropped photo that I posted yesterday... I love taking LIFE pictures from the front porch of my house.
I am allowed to nurture my artist.
And I am so proud.
I am proud to be an American!  I am proud of who my children have become. I am proud to be Jeff's wife and my parents' child.  I am proud to be one of God's children. THIS is a good place to be!

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