Thursday, January 09, 2014

All Tied Up With A Bow

being creative
is not
a hobby
it is a
way of life

How many mantras can one person have, honestly!?!
But I have tried and failed. 
If I do not create something every single day... I really feel a part of me let down. 
Is that truly possible????  Possible... get it?  Since this is my year of  Possibilities.
I feel I let myself down if I don't create something, every day.
Today, I will show you some things I've been working on... and hopefully I don't get interrupted by a call from the local police department!
As you may know, I dabble a bit in making greeting cards!!!
I've had a request for 40 cards with an animal theme to them.  My task is complete . . . 20 sets of two cards w/envelope each all packaged up sweetly with a bow!
I'm doing it pro bono in hopes that somewhere at the IACUC Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees  (at the University of Iowa) I might generate some clientele.  My Iowa sales rep is quite handsome and I couldn't turn down his request... let's see if he can sell me!!

What comes to mind when you think of the word SHINE?  I'm still a fan favorite of the House of Shine and I think big things are going to happen this year!
If I were to drop some playing cards would they fall perfectly like this?  I think not, but to get them in one picture, one must lay them out flat to be seen.  I'm taking a class, that I can't even describe, but I get to play and get my hands dirty and the results Pick Me Up!
So, if you are still with me... and curious about the call from our local Police, no need to be alarmed...
I witnessed a car accident yesterday ... I was on my way to an appointment and feel guilty I didn't stop to help.  So, I called the non-emergency line and left my name and number with the officer that was on duty for the incident.  I'm not sure if they need any further information.
All I can say is that when you are driving a vehicle... use your turn signals, if you use your turn signals... make sure you decide beforehand where you are going to turn and if your view is blocked.... certainly wait patiently until the road is clear.  Until I actually see the car turning in front of me.... it will take me a very long time to BELIEVE an oncoming car is actually turning... I will wait until the car actually is turning into position!

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