Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Apple before Atari

If you were to do a search on Pinterest... probably with any search engine, really ... and put in the word APPLE.... where do you think the Internet will take you??

Apple Computers, Macintosh, Steve Jobs, iPads... pods, tunes etc.... and way, way, way down the list it might actually bring you to the fruit. 

Who would have thunk that Sir Issac Newton's discovery of the Universal Law of Gravitation when an Apple fell on his head, would be completely forgotten and refer solely to a company that wanted their name before Atari in the phone book.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away???
I hope so.  I've eaten 13 apples so far this year.
And then I thought of  some other Possibilities . . .

I baked an apple pie. 
I'm not much of a baker.  I know I can do it... as Rachel Ray always says... you have to be more precise in following the recipe or you can ruin the end results.... too much salt, not enough corn starch, too much oil.... See, I don't want to have to EAT my mistakes.  So, it is quite possible for me to bake an apple something!

Next it's possible to create an apple, there are watercolors.
No transition from baking to painting.... boom! Just like that I did this.  It makes me giddy! 
Yes, you can all say I'm an artist.... but do you know how many kinds of artists there are ? .... I gave myself permission this year to explore the possibilities and I'm trying new things! Watercolors vs. a pencil doodle.... something quite different all together!
I have found an excellent and reasonably priced tool ...  YouTube.  You can learn anything there!!
I just put in the search engine Watercolor Apple Tutorial and followed along.
I wont be inviting you to my gallery opening any time soon... but it's possible!!!
Dwell in Possibilities ~ Emily Dickens

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