Thursday, January 02, 2014

Cooper's Corner

We are just laying around the house. 

Everyone is home.  Some are still sleeping. Others are 'working' on their computers. 

We can feel the cold air falling to the floor.  Sometimes it's hard to get comfortable and cozy.

Our new year came in very quietly. 
I heard some fireworks being let off in the distance.  I don't like fireworks, they make my body start to shake and quiver.  But when I get a hug from my human mom, it seems to calm me down. 
Anyway.... there were a few hoots and hollers as the clock struck midnight. 
We are in the year 2014. 
What will happen?  My friend Tucker and I plan on going on a few adventures.  Care to join us?
A little step may be the beginning of a great journey.... imagine the possibilities!
This year Tucker will be adding a few words of wisdom to the blog ....
Currently it is 14 degrees out and it had been snowing lightly for almost two days straight.  I don't know the official measurement, but when I go outside to do my duty.... my belly drags in the snow... so maybe 8-10 inches of new fluffy stuff. 
No walks.  Tucker's paws can't handle the cold.  He almost tumbles over while trying to lift his leg.  He's wobbly like that anyway... he'd get lost in a snow drift!  The wind is very chilly.  But I like the fact my entire family has been home all together for a few days.
Happy 2014, your friend Sly "Cooper" Robinson,  8-1/2 years old

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