Thursday, January 23, 2014

Recognizing Possibilities

Today is full of possibilities!
I am neither an optimist nor a pessimist, but a possibilist.
But what is a possibilist
Some definitions have it affiliated with a political party that attempts to reform, or its a theory of cultural geography.  Here I found a good definition. A Possibilist is someone who recognizes that all possibilities exist though they may not yet have manifested in this time.
That's still a little too technical and vague as a complete definition for me.... a Possibilist is someone who is in constant search of the good that is ahead of them. 
 2014 is my Year of Possibilities and I'm not completely sure what it means just yet.

It's only day 23 of the new year and I've raised my sights, according to Dr. Norman Peale. I am actively searching for the chance, the likelihood, the potential of many new things.
I've tried a few new things and am somehow trying to document them in my new art journals...I've tried new recipes* (will share that tomorrow), I tried to learn how to crochet and have made 3 scarves and I'm trying to learn how to do watercolors. 
Yes, I am an artist, I am proud to say that... but my medium has been pencils, pens, markers and simple doodles....

I need to change the above sentence! In the wise words of Yoda, Do or do not, there is no try...
I do new things, I do document them in art journals, I do (attempt) new recipes, I do learn how to crochet, I do learn how to water color and I do discover possibilities in a lot of different things!
Although TRY was one of my words this week....  it's a whole 'nother story (because I am not currently working outside the home, I complicate my LIFE by adding challenges to my daily routine) ... each week I incorporate new words into my vocabulary, I raise my sights... I challenge my mind, body and soul.
It's time to Brighten Someone's Day.... wishing you every possibility!

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