Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oh Look

I love looking out our kitchen window out to the backyard, it is a beautiful spot, winter, spring, summer and fall. 
The dogs like to look outside too!  Recently I've been seeing this view.  Well, one of them can see with no problem the other sometimes gets a boost, he can also see from stairs.

What attracts the squirrels is the bird feeder (not shown).  Some of the house sparrows and the cardinals and the woodpeckers kick out the wild bird seed mix.  I don't think the squirrels mind the leftovers at all.
We had four squirrels earlier this week, they were all chasing each other, up and down the trunks of the trees, tumbling over each other and having snack breaks.  It was unusual. But very entertaining.  I believe we've had a young couple that frequents our home every day.  One has white ears and the other is smaller.  So, it was odd to see a black furred squirrel in the mix the other day.  S/he stood out against the snowy white back drop.
Cooper will sit in front of the window for 15 minutes watching their silly antics.  Sometimes his tail wags and I hear this brushing noise whipping on the tile floor.  And sometimes he whines, but it's very quiet.  I think he gets hypnotized watching them.  Tucker just tries to jump up and get a view. His barks scatter the wildlife.  He often doesn't even know what he's barking at.  That is a typical Pomeranian trait.
If you saw the animated movie UP! a few years ago, when Dug the dog talks he admits that he has a little bit of ADD... anytime we walk the dogs ... it's amazing  how well the imagineers 'get' what all dogs think...
"I don't have a short attention span.  I just ... oh look a squirrel!"

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