Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm Hooked

Do or do not,  there is no try ....

Today is full of  POSSIBILITIES!

I love a good challenge. 
I didn't want to learn to knit or crochet when I was a kid. 
That 'stuff' was for old ladies ... I guess I've arrived. 
Just like anything.... any hobby, sports activity or learning experience... some things come by learning very easily, or they don't.  You enjoy doing them or they frustrate you to high heaven.  I'm sad to admit that my mom tried to teach me about 'yarn art'... but I didn't have the patience or desire to sit and learn it when I was little.
But now, I'm most curious! 
I mentioned to Jeff that knitting and crocheting is a science.  And he laughed... 'it's not a science', he said. 
Okay, that might be going a bit far... but have you ever looked at a knit or crochet pattern... there is a mix of formulas, stitches, loops, textures, weight, integrity... and wo(men) can leave it be for a few days and then just pick it up where they left off and create amazing things!
Knitting and crocheting has gone in and out of fashion.  The word KNIT is from an Old English word, cnyton which means to knot.  When you knit you use two (or more) needles.  Knitting and crochet are part of fiber arts, which is also a fine art.
Crochet, which is how I stitched and looped the above scarf is a French word meaning hook! You use one hook to create loops and wrapping of the yarn.  Crochet patterns have an underlying mathematical structure.
I've knitted probably 50 scarves and was happy to give my 'art' away... actually I was pretty proud. And this is my 3rd crochet scarf... still trying to feel comfortable with it.... but I think I'm 'hooked'.

I wish crocheting burned more calories because I'd be one skinny hooker!
(don't know why the m didn't show up).
I was willing to try something new.... and now the possibilities are endless!

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