Tuesday, January 21, 2014

He's a Smoozer

My alarm clock is covered in fur, has 4 legs, a wet tongue and no snooze button.

On the Adventures of Cooper and Tucker ... if you have a pet you know that there is routine.  They have some sort of internal clock, obviously I haven't taught them how to tell time.... yet :0) !!
There is time to eat, time to sleep, time to eat, time to play, time to eat, time for a walk, time to go outside, time to eat, time to bark just because the neighbor's dog is barking, time to take a ride in the car and time to chill out on a pillow or in the kennel for safe keeping.
It depends on the activity the night before, but Tucker is our alarm clock on the weekends.  Although he is almost 5 years old, he can't be trusted to have freedom in the house unsupervised.  I'm not worried this pint sized terror will destroy something, but we've not been able to break the habit of him marking in the house, so he is put in his warm and safe kennel each night.
With tiny little barks at first, we hear a little wuf! any time around 6 am.  If the first wuf! isn't heard then it goes a bit louder, wuff!  and if the third one isn't heard we hear WUFFFF! It's time to get up, be let out, have some breakfast and then cuddle time next to us in bed for another hour our two!
Cooper, he's wonderful.  He just goes along with the flow and is very content to when the front door is open, the food is in the bowl and to when it's time to hit the pillow!
It's a dog's life.

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