Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shameless Plug

Hey, I'm glad you stopped by!

Can you believe we are halfway into the month of January already??

I feel great when the sun is shining... blue skies today... it is beautiful!!! What are the POSSIBILITIES?

Currently I am watching 3 darling little squirrels frolicking in my backyard.  They love the bird feeder litter.  Cooper is watching out the window as well.  I told him he is not allowed to play with them, they are our friends... we'll see if there is any fun adventure that could come out of  this.

Back to card making... my first  (creative) love.  If you like my cards and I know that you do ... help a friend out... buy a few for your stash, buy a gift pack for a friend, or link my blog to a friend who loves to help a small business. 

My greeting cards are quite unique... you will not find them anywhere else ... all you have to do is think a bit ahead and figure out what events you have coming your way... birthdays, anniversaries.... someone who needs a bit of FuN MaiL.  Most cards start at $3.00 each and if you purchase more than 3 at one time... it will include shipping and handling!

Valentine's Day is coming up. And then card making season goes crazy... St. Patricks' Day, Easter, Mother's Day.... any day is a great day to send a card... 'thinking of you day' or just because day... they all work!!!

I do other paper crafts as well... all uniquely handmade.  The above is a Pinterest success... book paper flower wreath.... I love it!  I make mini scrapbook albums, tags, notebooks, invitations and personalized items.
Maybe this year, you've decided to give the little guy some of your hard earned cash because you want to support local artists. 
I don't want to shame you in buying from me :0) ... but the next time you are in the grocery store at the last minute buying a greeting card for $3.99 + tax .... slap your forehead and think you could have gotten a special creative greeting for less.
***** the only shameless plug I have planned *****
Brighten Someone's Day and send a Creative Greeting by prdesigns!!!

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