Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Eerily similar, yet different

Brooms have long been connected with witchcraft, almost universally portrayed as medieval-style round brooms and associated with female witches. Despite the association with women, in 1453, the first known case of claiming to have flown on a broomstick is recorded, confessed by the male witch Guillaume Edelin.[1] There are, however, prior records of witches flying on sticks or similar objects, usually that had been first greased with a magical flying ointment.
This $1 witch-e-poo from M's is so adorably cute!! Here are two versions of the same inspirational layout! Pulled out some of my neglected craft scissors to give texture to the frames. I love going in my paper scrap box and trying to make colors and patterns work. eery!!! boo!


Kim H. said...

Get out that witch is from the Dollar bin at M's? She is adorable! I love the layout of your cards! I need to get busy making some Halloween stuff but my head is killing- dang sinus infection!

Traci G said...

love both of these Peggy!!! Very cute little witchy!


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