Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quarter Sheet Wonder

Did you know that Diet coke was invented in 1982?? A silly useless fact to dazzle your friends with!!

Today's cards are both using a left over scrap of paisley patterned paper. I think it's amazing how different they look. I found some odd green fabric paper that looks cool behind the purple here! Kind of frazzled!
And on this card, I created an opening, using my exacto knife in an X motion. It's like a peek-a-boo moment with the corners rolled up. The barely banana brings out the creamy color in the paisley.

1 comment:

Kim H. said...

oh what a fun fact about diet coke- I am a coke zero gal though! SMILE!

These cards are stunning! I love how you did the peek a boo on the bottom card!


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