Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The good Witch is in!!!

A witch is a practitioner of witchcraft. While mythological witches are often supernatural creatures, historically many people have been accused of witchcraft, or have claimed to be witches.

I think she's a good witch, don't you??? And for just $1 each how can you beat both stamps from M's?!!! The Happy Halloween is from a few years ago... and witchy poo is from a quick stop yesterday! Tried to do a little Markie's Mom with the dots surrounding all the pieced images. I also tried to use up some of my smaller paper scraps to create the frames.

Yay! It's cooled off a bit... it was in the 90's yesterday. Wish me luck! I'm off to meet with the temp. agency to see what type of job I'm qualified for!!


Kim H. said...

Very cute and what a deal for a buck!

Traci G said...

She is super cute, and definitely looks like a good witch to me!!!


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