Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Art from the Heart

Taking a small break from LIFE'S simple pleasures to display one of my creative endeavors for 2013.  Here are some of my art pieces from LIFEBOOK 2013....

Every Monday morning I get a new tutorial from Willowing & Friends, where art students get prompts, ideas, videos and more...these artists that Tam has gathered together, all have unique talents and it is inspiring to learn their techniques.

I am so used to my simple ink doodles or stamping and card making... thinking outside the box has truly been a new experience for me.  All of these pictures (paintings??) from my art journal are approximately 12" wide by14" high.  I'm using more acrylic paints and paint brushes. Adding paper pieces for collage and stencils for texture.
Seems like my work sticks close to a theme. Lots of flowers, faces and flying things. 
I need to take a deep breath. 
This journal has been very fun!! I look forward each week to try something new.
I just have to be patient. 
All this learning!  
Then I'm so excited to take pictures and play with the new  things I've learned on Photo Shop.... and then.... blurry.... there is no race.... I need to take more time and enjoy the process.
More new pictures to come!!!

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