Monday, July 29, 2013

More than a Grain of Sand

And for every child on the beach that day
Stands a castle tall and proud
And the warm wind crawls through the castle walls
And the night folk wake as the warm wind calls
~ David Hess Lyrics    Sandcastle sung by Elvis Presley

Week # 31 LIFE'S Simple Pleasures - summer time
We officially passed the halfway mark of Summer, can you believe it's the last week of July!   However, some think summer is only Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Ha! That's too short of a time.... I like June 21 - September 21.... the actually 4 months of the season.
You wouldn't think it's summer with the cooler temperatures we are having in the Chicago suburbs.  But there has been nothing 'normal' about our summer temperatures.  Per usual, it gives the locals something to talk about, the weather.

If you are new to my blog, WELCOME!
For the last 31 weeks I have been exploring LIFE'S simple pleasures 2013.   Thus my tag line, whimsical paper crafts with a twist on LIFE.  I try to incorporate an experience, with my interest in telling a story, combining it with pictures I've taken and enhanced with photo shop and bring in a little whimsy with some of the creative greeting cards I hand make.... to add a little more SHINE to the corner of my world and Brighten Someone's Day.
I've been trying to incorporate every day things by:
L-learning more about them    
I-inspiring others to explore around them 
F-feeling with all my senses
E-evolving and gradually developing new interests
S-shining, realizing the impact of little things
trying to find FREE or inexpensive things in and around my LIFE.

Well, this week I'm going to explore a few things  that come to mind when I think of summer.
What comes to mind when you think of summer?  Obviously, the first thing I thought of was the beach and sandcastles: A castle like structure built of wet sand, as by children at a beach!
You can shake the sand from your shoes, but it will never leave your soul.

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