Friday, July 12, 2013

The Accumulator

If something has sentimental value to it, sharing those things with others can create positive emotions and keep the past present.
Week #28 LIFE'S simple pleasures - collections
The 'hobby' of gathering and storing 'things' and neatly organizing, maintaining and finding special items are all part of the positive aspects of being a collector
For every hobby collector, there is probably someone who goes overboard.   The images of Hoarding Buried Alive and Hoarders television shows are more likely to come to mind when someone shares their 'hobby' with someone who doesn't have the same interests.  There are always extremes in all situations.
** This by no means relates to anyone that I know personally.... you can put really any hobby item in place for the 'toy train'. 
If a toy train collector creates an entire room for his collection, and he has hundreds of trains that run on a track with miniature trees and crossing gates, some are kept in special glass boxes on shelves, he re-wires the electric to his home to hold all the volts to run the trains, pours real water for steam in the engine, has beautifully framed paintings and posters of train memorabilia covering the walls, there is a wide screen tv that plays videos and special train songs being piped in through the speakers, he washes and waxes the trains, adds oil to the tracks, paints special figurines in the small old town villages .... someone visiting this room who doesn't particular find an interest in toy trains would easily think this person is reliving their child hood and could be on the verge of hoarding. But really, he is just a true collector, items are neatly organized, maintained and maniuplated with ease.  Sharing his passion creates positive emotions! 

I don't particularly collect slippers, but my cute mom enjoys making them and gives them to me.  We use them in my family, but I also like to share them with friends.  Right now, I have a small 'collection' of slippers... I know where they are and I can include them in a wonderful and thoughtful gift for someone. 
I have small collections that don't overwhelm me and take over my life.  Many of my collections make me smile and like most things I do in LIFE, everything in moderation.
I don't go out of my way to collect thread.  But through the years, I figured using colorful items in jars is a simple way to create a unique decoration for my home.  Someone once told me, you should have a few items out just to start a conversation... thus a conversation piece.

To accommodate all of these unique and outrageous collections, hobby stores have designed all kinds of ways for the enthusiast to display their 'stuff'.  They actually have album cover frames.  There are shadow boxes and intersting case holders.  Albums, the actual cardboard sleeve that would hold a 'real' vinyl record.... we no longer have a stereo, let alone a record player... but we did keep a 'small' collection (maybe 30?) of albums...  because we have the emotional attachment of them to our youth... where LIFE seemed so easy and music was a part of our every day activities... some of these covers are actually pretty cool little pieces of art!  We now have conversation starters when you walk down into our basement!
They may not be of value to anyone else... maybe a few items that I 'collect' could be... antique sewing machine, Cabbage Patch doll with it's original adoption papers, Big Little books from Western Publishing, Longaberger Baskets, Beany Babies... a little bit of everything. 
One of LIFE'S simple pleasures is collecting things that engage you and are of emotional value and interest to you and help you relive happier times from our childhood!

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