Tuesday, July 30, 2013

With a Cherry on Top!

You can't buy happiness
but you can buy ice cream
and that is pretty much the same thing!

Week #31 LIFE'S simple pleasures - summer time

As an adult, summer still means, lazy afternoons, flip flops, the beach, a good book and ice cream!

Ice cream has gone gourmet, it now is know as frozen custard, frozen yogurt, sorbet and gelato.

We went to one of our local hangouts where you build your own frozen yogurt cup. They have a choice of about 6 different flavors you can swirl into your cup and then you can go crazy with toppings like: crushed cookies, fresh fruit, chopped nuts, crushed candy bars, cereal, cheesecake crumbles, any kind of chocolate, Carmel & butterscotch chips, sprinkles, syrups and sauces and whip cream!  And even the cherry on top!!

Yum!  or should I say YUMZ!!!!
The family of 4 in line ahead of us probably had never been to this type of ice cream parlor before. Each one made an exquisite frozen yogurt cup topped with ALL of their favorites.... their total bill was over $25. (*I know I'm frugal.... but an ice cream treat for a wee one costing over $6 I think is a bit extravagant, but that's just me!) I remember when..... you could get ice cream cones at McDonald's for .25¢
Ice cream is BIG business in the U.S. I read that on average each person consumes 48 pints per year.  Some laugh, but think it should be made into the 5th food group! What's your favorite flavor?  I don't have a favorite... I like to always try something different.... variety is the spice of LIFE!

I just read in a book for my book club, the main character made a point that really stuck with me... and it relates to the reason I've picked the topic LIFE'S simple pleasures for my blog this year..."Having surrendered to a simpler life, I am finding excitement in little things, that others might find dull."
I know that some of the topics I find to highlight here on my blog can't be relateable to everyone.  My hope is to point out that we truly can enjoy the little things. Probably I write this statement most of all....to remind myself.
 If the simple things in life don't put a smile on your face, then you will never be truly happy.
LIFE is simple, when you live simply!
Just a reminder: When you see large bold text, it is a quotation that I found.  If the author is listed I will certainly give credit, some quotes are 'unknown' or 'found' in a google search.  Most all of the creative greeting cards you see here on my blog are for sale.  I'm a very small business with a big desire to Brighten Someone's Day!!!!


K Hutchinson said...

Such cute cards! I want ice cream now! I love ice-cream . We have a cherry berry- I go on Tuesday because you get 3 free ounces with a logo bracelet! I am frugal too! Happy Tuesday, my friend!

Peggy said...

Cherry Berry ... sounds cute. Nothing wrong with being frugal... it's actually a fun challenge. TY :)

Peggy said...

Cherry Berry ... sounds cute. Nothing wrong with being frugal... it's actually a fun challenge. TY :)


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