Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Button, Button, who's got the Button?

She'll be cute as a button, everyone knows
From her tiny little curls to her chubby little toes.

Week # 28 LIFE'S simple pleasures - collections
Let me reiterate ... there is a difference between being a 'collector' and being a compulsive hoarder
If the 'items' you collect create  a certain pattern of behavior with an excessive acquisition of an item(s) and cause a person an inability to function, with impairment of living, eating and sleeping conditions and cause a risk to their health... those factors are significantly different than a person who collects items for a hobby. 
It is, but isn't.... funny.  We all know about those hoarding shows where the people can't even walk through their house because they have real garbage piled to the ceiling. They may 'say' they collect newspapers and magazines and aluminum cans and plastic bags, but they have a few more issues than I'm qualified to write about.
In modern clothing and fashion design, a button is a small fastener. Commonly made of plastic they are meant to secure two pieces of fabric together.  They are often used for ornamentation and have been made from wood, seashells, leather, metal, glass, and semi-precious stones.  Artisans have a long history of construction and decoration techniques that reflect a timeline of materials in the technology of  button making.
Yes, I admit that I have purchased buttons.  I have a few creative vessels that hold my tiny art objects.  Ball jars and tins.  But most of my buttons were inherited.  And now hundreds, maybe even thousands sit and wait for my creative juices to flow and use them for some sort of creative greeting!
I didn't realize until after I took this picture of a special 'antique' tin that holds most of my buttons. There is a great artsy fartsy name printed on the lid.  It appears however.... it was a chocolate tin!
Artstyle Chocolate .... wow, just checked it out on ETSY, it could be a collectors items, someone is selling my exact one for $32!!  
Looks like there is more information about the tin can for the chocolates that were made in the late 1920s, rather than the chocolate company itself.
Thanks to my mother.... I have a small collection of buttons. 
It's fun to drag my hand through the tin.  Buttons don't break, easily.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  One, two.... four holes.  Some have a shank on the back that you loop the thread through.  Some buttons are embossed with an emblem and some buttons sparkle in the sunlight.
People 'collect' all kinds of things because they are interested in them.  Some popular items include: coins, dvds, sports trading cards, cereal box prizes, record albums, stamps, post cards, books, tea cups, art, trains, event memorabilia etc....  You name it, I'm sure there is someone who collects it and is willing to pay the price to add to their collection.... and there are some people who have invested a lot of time and money into their collections because it just makes them happy!
You can 'push' someone's button, you have a belly button, you can hit the like.... reset.... start.... send... snooze button.  And maybe hitting the elevator button or the walk button 10 times will make it happen a lot faster. :)

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