Sunday, July 07, 2013

Celebrate Good Times!

Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new - Sammy Hagar
Celebrate you!
After a few days off, I'm back to finishing off Week #27 LIFE'S simple pleasures - birthday celebrations! 
Kids love to celebrate their birthdays.  It's a very special time that they look forward to.
When they are tiny.... we celebrate their birth with huge parties that they'll never remember. We stick a huge, beautiful cake in front of them and all sing, and tell them to dig in.  I've seen a lot of first year pictures with the birthday kid crying!  All the attention... candles, cake, gifts, balloons, favors, people, singing, cards, streamers.... it can all be so overwhelming.

Then as the kids start getting older... they like to decide what kind of birthday celebration they want to have.  It's fun to make plans with their creative input!!  Pirate & Princess parties, picnics and pizza parties, movies or at a playground at McDonald's, ace car and kitty parties.... you name it... there are party ideas and themes for celebrating everything!
Just like when I  highlighted Valentine cards back in February.... you can always figure out what year a party is by the theme..... they can relate to cartoon and movie characters, to popular toys and animals, to sports teams and fuzzy animals!

Hopefully, a birthday celebration will bring special moments and create happy memories.  Everyone needs to feel extra special.... at least one day a year... their birthday! 
I think I like Winnie the Poohs' version.... lets celebrate un-birthdays, because you get 364 of those!

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