Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Have a Seat

Sitting on a park bench....
A long seat for more than one person to share.
So many ideas come to mind.... scenes from movies where people are getting engaged, or girlfriends pouring out their heart and soul, old people sitting with a bag of bird seed... feeding the pigeons, mommies watching their babies in strollers, little kids whose feet can't reach the ground... swinging them back and forth while eating an icecream cone, a businessman eating a quick lunch while catching some fresh air between appointments, resting while letting your dog sniff around, listening to a free concert, seeing the ducks land in a pond, watching the train go by...

And other LIFE'S simple pleasures can be done on a bench.... watching clouds, finding Geocache hides, enjoying a favorite beverage, reading a book, eating a cookie, watching the seasons, watching people, smelling the flowers, sharing a hobby..... amazing how it all works around to a full circle.
 If you are new to my blog...WELCOME!!!!
I'm devoting my whole year 2013, to LIFE and the simple pleasures I can find for FREE or fairly inexpensive... I want to learn, inspire, feel, evolve and SHINE in all things!  I want to extend an invitaton, please feel free to scroll through my blog and find the first 29 ways I found to enjoy the beginning of this year.
Park Bench by PSR
Clouds in the sky
Birds flying high
A gentle light breeze
Trees wave their leaves
People walking on trails
Puppy dogs' waggin tails
Children out to play
Thinking of the day
Funny to say... but who knows what you'd find if YOU spotted a park bench and decided to 'sit a spell'. 

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