Monday, July 08, 2013

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Say hello to my little friend!
Week #28 LIFE'S simple pleasures - collections
I have a small collection of garden gnomes.  They are cute humanoid creatures with pointy hats.  They often have a beard, carry a pipe and sometimes are captured napping.
They are 'fun sized' garden ornaments that protect a garden or lawn from evil sorcery.
Small collection means: about 7
Little garden gnomes are kidnapped and travel around the world.  Have you seen the Travelocity gnome? Oh the adventures they get to go on.
My very first blog postings were about our gnome, appropriately named Gname.   (He's the middle gnome in the 3 pack picture above.) I had no idea what I would write about, so I was going to take the gnome with us to different places in our new home town and share pictures and his experiences.  Seven years later, I have found plenty to talk about on my blog.  But I have brought Gname back, full circle.

Just so you know, there is a difference between a small collection and a hoard.  Hoarding items (it could be gnomes) is a special condition that carries extreme symptoms that limit a persons ability to function successfully in life.  It is an equal opportunity illness... affecting people of all ages and backgrounds.
Now that we are straight on collecting vs. hoarding...... this weeks simple pleasures.... a few of my collections.  What are special things you look for when you go to a souvenir shop?  What do friends and family members get you when it's your special day? What do you like to collect?

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