Thursday, June 14, 2012

Flag Day

Although not an official federal holiday, Flag Day on June 14 commemorates the adoption of the stars and stripes! 

It's also my parents 54th Wedding Anniversary.  Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
(And happy 1 year anniversary C & C)
I got inspired by a KittieKraft card and made this bird house with two love  birds!

I made due with the punches of flowers & leaves and birds and boarders I have on hand.  Someone really could go 'nuts' buying all the new 'stuff' out there for cardmaking.  It is mind boggling! 

I challenge myself these days with trying to 'craft' things with all supplies I have on hand. No buying!  Here is a side view to see all the things that are popped up on the card. I'd rather pop up formed & shaped paper, than add brads or buttons if it causes a problem through the mail system. 
However, it is fun to make cards with multi-layers and flowers and buttons and clips and fibers... that list goes on... but then you also 'hand deliver' those type of cards!!!

Send some FuN MaiL.... Brighten Someone's Day!

I pledge alligiance to the Flag of the United States of America....

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K Hutchinson said...

Happy Flag day to you too! Your card is beautiful! Hope your parents have a wonderful anniversary!


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