Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's a Banner Day

 Flags, Banners and Pennants are popular embellishments on cards, tags and layouts.  So, to be popular too... I made a few cards that incorporate these cute dimensionals.  They are just such a delightful accent, they pop up, are colorful (at times) and actually could sway in the wind! :0)
Any reason to send out some FuN MaiL.... to Brighten Someone's Day!!

Okay, I've been in a blue funk for months, and I feel snarky, and I'm trying to realize nothing last forever, not even my troubles, learning to embrace perfection, looking to find something good in every day.... but...

I got mood poisoning, must have been something I hate! ~ Pinterest

1 comment:

K Hutchinson said...

I love these cards! You made the banner cool in your own way! LOVE that!

I"ve in a funk lately too! I know we both come out of it! SMILE! SHINE ON!


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