Monday, June 25, 2012

Life: Where heART immitates it!

As part of my year of SELF 2012 (Seeking, Exploring, Learning and Finding) I have taken on a challenge to create outside my box and learn how to design pages in my Art Journal with different techniques of mixed media.

A copy artist or doodler by nature (using pen, pencil or markers) -   painting with a brush, observing shadows and hard to see details is not something that comes naturally.  I've not been trained to paint.  But here is my journey and a few pages that I have done recently.
I see an image.  In most cases I page scroll through hundreds of photos on a Google search of mixed media art.  Something catches my eye and I try to re-create it with my quirky & whimsical touch.... here are my attempts... using gesso, paper scraps, mod podge, acrylic paint, markers, stamps and other discarded household items, like bubble wrap, mesh netting from fresh vegetables, bottoms of glass jars and other funky things!  The sentiments are pulled from random words typeset in magazines and then I try to put the puzzle pieces of words together to make some creative thought!
Most of the collage pieces stick to a color theme.  At least that way I have some handle on where the piece may end up.  I have the need to outline!  Pages are full to the edges, approximately 8-1/2W x 11" H
Random rips and tears. A splotch of paint... color here, white there, dot, dot and dash.  I think there is so much more that can be added to this one.  I don't feel quite as inspired some days as I do others.  But bottom line... it's the middle of June and I continue to try and work on this Art Journal.  Initially going outside my comfort zone because I know in the long run, if I ever were to meet a challenge... head on... I need to be able to do things I'm not used to or don't want to!
...what we see
on what we
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