Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Under Construction

Please excuse my mess!!  Good thing you can't see me in REAL life!  :0)

Here is a Kittie Kraft inspired card.  I see the card as a picture now and see all the possibilities of maybe a different direction I should have taken the colors, or the layering of the frames.  I'm trying to think outside the box a bit more.

That's why you'll see my blog site under construction the next few day.  I need something different in my life, in my day, in my creativity.  By no means have I lost my mojo... just my drive... so hopefully there will be some changes coming my way.

I am over 1500 posts on this blog... that means almost 6 years of blogging, bragging and boring!  I'd miss it if I stopped... but something has to change... doing some 2012 Year of SELF (seeking, exploring, learning and finding)

1 comment:

K Hutchinson said...

Love your sweet card! I know what you mean about your drive and finding the right direction to go! You will! I know it!


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