Tuesday, June 05, 2012


I got a new white gel pen recently and I'm so excited to doodle with it.  You sometimes forget when something works well, that it can really do the job it's suppose to. A working pen that is full of ink can create a master piece!

This card is slightly inspired by a book I finished reading on my way to Indiana to visit my husband's family yesterday.  The book is Remembering Isaac and you can find further information on the the author's blog here.

Briefly, the book is a quick and easy read, however 454 pages (a lot of pages have doodles on them).  It is about a young college graduated pottery student Jake,  who finds his way to a small Pennsylvania town called Niederbipp.  He is literally handed over the town potter job that has been empty since the last potter died a few months earlier.  It takes us along his journey into small town USA and the impact creative people make in the lives of others.

About Jake's pottery, early in the book he talks about communing with his art...." We need to connect with people on a daily basis to remind us of our own humanity.  Our world is dying because humans have somehow forgotten how to connect with each other".

The old potter left many clues to the man he was.  One, was the forget-me-not flower.  Which inspired my doodle.  I may need to bring parts of this story back into my life. Maybe you will see more of it here on my blog!

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