Friday, June 22, 2012

Sun, Sun, Sun Here we Come!

This card is dedicated to my friend who is in a 'loving Yellow" kind of mood!

I found this card on Pinterest and fell in love too!  I had to try and re-create it's cleverness.  Often, this 2"w x 3"h picture is all I see when I CASe a card.  Sometimes a papercrafter or blogger will list the recipe, products used from the type of paper to the manufacturer of the ink.  But this is where most all my ideas start. A picture or a layout.  I get giddy, my hands are a little shaky... and I try to figure out how I can create this little piece of 'sunshine'.

Most all of my cards are 4-1/4" x 5-1/2".  I don't always have an exact proporation to the original layout that I see, but I make due with the materials I have on hand.  I'm noticing clouds are becoming very popular in paper crafts.  Recentlly in a big box type craft store I saw 3 different sized "cloud" punches.  I was tempted to purchase one, but figured I could be crafty and cut out my own.  I really like the 'frame' that goes around the main focal point.  And, who can't love the fact I'm using up all my 'yellow' scraps to create the rays for the sun!!!!  Add a little inking to the clouds to give them dimension and stamped the perfect sentiment!  Voila`

Brighten Someone's Day

It's not my fault
that when I was a baby
I was dropped in a box of glitter
and I've been
Shinin ever since!

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