Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Up, UP and Away

 I am re-creating a card from a Zindorf tutorial that I showed you for Father's day. 

I thought this would be a perfect 'celebration' card heading into America's birthday month and the summer olympics.  Not quite traditional Americana Red/White/ & Blue ... but making it a bit old with an antique feel.  I found the balloon stamp in the $1 bin at M's.  Love when I find cute stuff for a buck!

I made these cards for my friends who participate or were given the treat of a Card of the Month club.  A challenge to create them ALL the same, yet I couldn't mass produce them... there are mistakes (shhhhh!!!) I didn't mind creating four of the same because each one was fun, unique and beautiful. 

Along with the card that reflects that months holiday or season, I also include two matching gift tags.  These are always fun because the layout is uniquely mine from the left overs of the card making session.  Perfect to tie on a little hostess gift, toss around a bottle of Lemonade or just to tuck in a little snail mail thinking of you note!

We can sing a song and sail along the silver sky

For we can fly we can fly

Up, up and away

My beautiful, my beautiful balloon

Suspended under a twilight canopy - The 5th Dimension

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