Friday, October 03, 2008

Two Zindorfs this week

I'm starting to run out of my Baja Blue ink, seems like Michelle Zindorf uses a lot of blue for her sky and background colors.
I didn't have any stamps to follow the cardinal inspiration, so the birch tree, bird and cabin in the snow are all mine!! I like leaving the card white to make the snow!!!
On the butterfly card she had another image, but I feel sometimes as long as I follow her tutorial and get the steps and the card turns out... I have a wonderful outcome!!!
Any of you following my saga, I got a job this week! I'll give more details probably in a post over the weekend!!
Happy Day!!!


Kim H. said...

These cards are gorgeous! Congratulations on the job- I can't wait to here about it! Have a wonderful weekend!

Chaotic said...

wow....gorgeous may not cover it... esp the butterfly, but I could be partial...


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