Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spot that

Either there is some exciting card making going on out there on the WWW that I get to do some fun CASe Study on.... or I'm finding all the right spots to hit to get my mojo going, or yes BOTH! Well, it really does help when you have a few orders... I want to cre8te some new and fun paper crafts to send to my customers. Thanks to those who are supporting my small business!! Love the simplicity of the card above with just a few punched flowers, swirls and colors that all match. There are so many ways to go with just this one layout and then incorporating different colors.

Can you spot Sissy? Her high school football team was on local TV as they won their 6A football state championship this past weekend. The college boy paused the action as the crowd was being panned and found her and took a picture. They all look so happy! (don't enlarge, it's a picture of a picture of a picture, gets blurry)

I was feeling a bit down thinking I needed to go shopping over the past weekend with Black Friday and all the other craziness. It sure was overwhelming all the newspaper ads and TV ads and people all over the internet remarking about their great purchases (or that they were done??).... making me feel guilty! I helped out the economy yesterday by doing a little cyber Monday on-line shopping and I went to M's and found a few things to add to my cre8tive stash. I feel much better.... but I'm thinking I need to visit a few more stores this week, just in case I missed something:)

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Anonymous said...

Love your card it is so sweet! Polka dots rock too :) How fun that Sissy was on TV!!!!! I did most of my shopping online too :)


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