Monday, June 10, 2013

Porch Posts

Porch Rules
Sit a spell * visit
sip sweet tea
smell the magnolias
read a book * nap
Relax * put your feet up
It's a Southern Tradition
Have I caught your attention? 
Are you laughing yet? 
What on earth am I posting about this week... a southern tradition?  prdesigns.... you keep talking about living in the middle of your block in your Midwest town outside Chicago.... can't get any more Midwest than that!
Just because you live one place doesn't mean you can't adapt or adopt traditions and lifestyles of other places.
Week # 24 - LIFE'S simple pleasures - the Front Porch
One of the things I loved about our house (by the way, we just celebrated our 7th anniversary living here in Illinois just over this past weekend!) was the front porch.

I just spray painted the white wicker furniture for the first time a few weeks ago. I missed a few spots! And I keep thinking I need to buy new cushions, but when I sit down and look around I say to myself... these still work!!
I remember finding this set, Martha Stewart at Kmart, putting it on lay-a-way until the moving truck came to our house in Wisconsin. It was the first time I ever put anything on lay-a-way and the only reason was because, they could 'store' it in there warehouse until we were ready to move.
I love my front porch! I love reading on my porch.  I love talking on my porch. I love drawing and painting on my porch. I love hiding in my own thoughts on my front porch. I love feeling like I am at a very special secret spot on my front porch. I love putting my feet up and day dreaming on my front porch.
We have a great porch and we have done everything the porch rules state above... except smell the magnolias... I will have to replace that line with ... Smell the lilacs!
Do you have a front porch?

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