Friday, June 14, 2013

Sit a Spell

Come and sit a spell, wave hello, relax and smile!

So many of LIFE'S simple pleasures can be enjoyed on the front porch!
Week#1 - Beverage
Front porches are notorious for a place to put your feet up and enjoy sipping some sweet tea or tall cold glass of lemonade, a cup o' Joe.... and even a special adult beverage!
My copy cat recipe from Starbucks, so simple: Passion Lemonade Tea
1 packet Crystal Light Lemonade (makes 2 qts)
3-4 Tazo Passion Herbal Tea Bags
Boil 4 cups of water, steep tea bags (you have to be patient and let them cool, completely)
Pour cooled tea into picture of Lemonade and mix,  Will have to add more water.  Pour into cool Starbucks tumbler packed full of ice, and sip slowly and enjoy!
Week #5 - a good read

The front porch is a great place to settle down and read a classic novel, a few chapters in a college textbook, catch up on a silly tabloid magazine article or get lost in an easy fun summer read.
Weeks 20  &  22 - enjoy the clouds/sky and fly the American flag

The front porch is a perfect place to watch the weather, enjoy blue skies or spy the rain clouds move in.  If there aren't too many bugs, on a hot summer night it's peaceful to look up in the great big beautiful sky to watch the stars and dream! The front porch is a perfect place to watch the flag unfurl and wave boldly in the breeze

Actually, you can follow any of the porch rules throughout the entire year - your beverage may have to be warmed up, you might have to get all snuggly and cozy under a blanket or two(Fuzzy Socks LIFE #3), instead of beautiful flowers, you might get a hearty wiff of a fireplace burning (LIFE#4) and if it's chilly, fewer hellos may be said ....and it might be a quick 'sit a spell', but the front porch can be enjoyed anytime.

There are some pretty good PorCH rULES  in LIFE'S simple pleasures!  Thank you for letting me share my view.

Y'all come back now ya hear!!!

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