Friday, June 07, 2013

Watch where you Sniff!

And today, I will find joy in the small things.
Come on big money!

Week #23 - LIFE'S simple pleasures - stop and smell the roses!

Huh? Come on big money?  I only play the lottery when the winnings are big and my chances are small, but I find it always amazing when I make a point to seek something out in my LIFE, how much I see IT around me.  Obviously, I'm taking time to look for it!

Stop and smell the roses... although I mentioned it earlier in a posting... this phrase has become quite cliche`.... I'm amused how many times I heard it or read it this past week. It must be that time of year where everyone is rushing around to get their summer plans ready, time to check off items on a long to do list and a time to reflect on the goals they need to gather and attain in the near future. Yet.... it's such a simple reminder and to actually do it every single day... slow down, breathe, enjoy life and the little things, count your blessings!!!!

It's time we discovered happiness in the simple every day things.  And if it's a real sign to remind us of that fact.... to remind ME of that fact.... I'll plaster my walls with the sign:
I'd love to hear if you actually stopped to smell the roses!  Just make sure the dogs haven't peed on them first.

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