Monday, June 24, 2013

Small town girl, Big City Adventure

Chicken in the car and the car won't go, what does it spell ? Chicago...
Week #26 - LIFE'S Simple pleasures - day adventures
Okay, why that little ditty came to mind?  I have no idea sometimes where I pull stuff from.  I know that it flows off my tongue so easy and I have been saying it for more than 40 years.... chicken in the car..... Chicago.  Clickity clack.....
Going on a day adventure outside your own city is something fun to do!  It makes you appreciate where you come from and all that there is out there beyond your own city limits.
Downtown Chicago is just a 'short' 1-1/2 hour train ride from our northwest suburban town.  We have lived here for over 7 years and make at least one yearly trek to the big city.
Growing up in Wisconsin (a bit of trivia.... we are almost equal distance to downtown Chicago from my home town and from the city we live in now) As a young person, I was aware of the lure and excitement of the Windy City, the 2nd City, Chi-town or Chicagoland, but never had much of a desire to crossover the cheddar curtain (Wisconsin/Illinois state line) and see what the big city had to offer me.
I've often heard from people who don't live in Illinois how much they love Chicago.  I'm not sure completely what it is to love about the city itself.  I know that living in Wisconsin for over 35 years there was a distinct difference in attitude between Illinoisans and Wisconsinites.  I must claim complete loyalty to my home state.... I'm a cheesehead, although it's a bit dusty!

Come along with me this week, as I highlight our summer day adventure to the big city.  I enjoy being a small town girl and sharing adventures (big or small) with my hubby.

There is a Facebook ( page and a book ( ) with the title... Chicken in the Car and the car won't go, what does it spell? of those fun rhymes for simpler times and jumping rope on the front sidewalk!

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