Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Change of Heart ♥

In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart  - Mahatma Gandhi
The shape of a heart doesn't need to be perfect for you to know what it is.

So, can you tell where I found this heart or what it is made from???  But you still can see that it is a heart, right?

I picked up my recycling container and below it I on found this on the garage floor.  It's the stain left behind from some sort of 'liquid' from the open holes of the bin.

Week #38 LIFE'S simple pleasures - hearts

I was looking back through my LIFE book and discovered I have touched upon the topic of hearts before, around Valentine's Day, Week #7.  There are no rules when writing my blog posts, so I can touch upon a simple pleasure again, there is always another twist to the topic.  As I mentioned yesterday, it is amazing when I choose a topic for the week, how many different things I can find about it with a quick search on the Internet.
Another example would be like in Week #24 the simple pleasure was the Front Porch....a google search brought up cafes and antique stores with that as their name.  Sounds of Summer from week #36 is the name of a Beach Boys Album.

Home is where you hang your heart.
I like to add secret hearts to some of my artwork.  Not that I'm specifically trying to hide them, but it's like my little trademark for some of the journaling art I do and on some of my special cards.  Because I truly create from my he♥art.
What makes your heart flutter?

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