Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

I can smell Autumn
in the breeze
the sweet chill of
pumpkin and crisp
sun burnt leaves
Have you ever been to pick your own apples? 
Jeff and I tried to remember if we had ever done this as a couple or as a family ... and we don't think we have.  Oh sure, we have been to pumpkin patches and to Fall Festivals with corn mazes and hayrides, but never to a pick your own apple orchard.

Last weekend while Geocaching (we were 6 for 6 by the way) we passed a parking field filled with cars.  As we slowed down to let traffic in and out we saw that it was apple picking time and a local orchard was opening that day. 
We decided on our way back from Geocaching that we would stop and check it out.
Week #39 LIFE'S simple pleasures - fall
There are some certain simple pleasures that are seasonal.  Apple and pumpkin picking is one of them!

When we pulled on to the field some teenage kid in a bright green and orange vest kind of pointed us to a direction where we could park our SUV with all of the other SUV's and Vans.  We saw all kinds of people... young couples with the girl dressed in a sweater and scarf and her man carrying bags of apples.  Families with babies in strollers with bags of apples falling out the storage bin on the bottom.  Families with each kid carrying a full bag of apples.
We had to get the lay of the land and went into the free Farmers' Market first. There were apple pies, apple jams, apple salsas, apple ciders and much, much more without the word apple in them.  The prices were more on the gourmet side than the corner apple stand side.  Then we made our way out an open door and found a field of excitement with hayrides, farm equipment to climb on, pumpkins, interactive watering spots and apple orchards.

So, you tell me... is paying $10.50 per bag to pick your own apples a reasonable price? 
I would say on average the bag could hold 6-8 apples depending on the size. It looked like a shoe bag size with small holes to let air ventilate and a draw string top.  The particular orchard that was open that day had specific apples that were almost the size of softballs.
Guess what?  We're cheap, we didn't do it.  Oh, it looked fun and all ... but as empty nesters now... we can't eat 6-8 apples.  I can't believe we saw some families bringing 4 bags of apples back from the orchard.... that means they spent at least $42 on a bushel of apples??
All for the experience I guess!! It was a beautiful day and it was fun to see all the family commotion on different parts of the field, but I guess I like to pick apples from my grocery store at $.79 a pound.
I'm not smart, but I like to observe. Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.
PS: I know that none of my pictures have anything to do with apples, but I do have some very nice Fall decorations around the house!

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