Wednesday, September 04, 2013


What are the sounds of summer?  There are so many sounds really.  It would possibly take all the fingers on my hands and all the toes on my feet to count all the sounds I hear when I step outside my door.

And when there is peace and silence and everything is still, it does take me by surprise and I think "what is wrong" ?.... because there is always some sound.

When I think of the word summer I think of sun, sand and surf.  When I think of summer sounds, I think of what I hear when my window is open and LIFE just happens in my backyard.
It's relatively quiet as I type this.  Almost eerily quiet .... but it's not like this all the time. 
On any given day in the summer I will hear: sirens screaming, crickets chirping, frogs bellowing, dogs barking, fire works booming, train whistles tooting, cicadas buzzing, music from a radio or a teenagers' car blaring, lawn mowers rumbling, wind chimes dinging, a fountain rippling, airplanes soaring, birds singing, cars rambling, motorcycles roaring and sometimes I hear the laughter of children playing, the ice cream man dinging, a hot air balloon whooshing and a helicopter hovering.
Week #36 - LIFE'S simple pleasures - sounds of summer
Just like stopping to smell the roses... have you ever just stopped in place, taken a deep breath, silenced you mind and body... and listened to the sounds around you?  I am so blessed and fortunate that I can hear those sounds ... the sounds of a beautiful summer!
Not only is the sun SHINING and the birds are singing... but it's also time for me to go and Brighten Someone's Day!!!

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