Friday, September 13, 2013

Take a little Time to Enjoy the View

Those who can, do
Those who can do more, volunteer

Week #37 LIFE'S simple pleasures - being a volunteer

Just like anything in LIFE, some people want to volunteer and others don't. 

That's really okay!

Some people have wonderful experiences and meet special people when they volunteer... it completes their circle of receiving and giving.  It feels good!

Others who volunteer don't want to broadcast what they do, that would be a form of grandstanding. And some may feel belittled or micromanaged when a volunteer coordinator comes in with a larger than LIFE ego. Volunteering isn't for everybody... or maybe its that they haven't found the right place to volunteer that fits what they have to offer.

You take the good and you take the bad.

Earlier this week I took a picture of my view that I had while doing a 4 hour volunteer stint.  I'm not trying to grandstand... I'm thinking that I'm very blessed to have this opportunity in such a beautiful place.  It was at the 9th hole of  local Country Club.  I'm not a member of the country club, nor am I part of the local community organization that was fundraising that day... I was 'just' a volunteer who received an email asking me if I could help. I had know idea when I signed up what I was going to do.
My task?  To solicit more donations!  I got carted out to the 9th tee with a nice retired gentleman who was volunteering his services, we were at the Designated Driver hole.  (Cute play on words.)  His job would be for $5 per player or $20 per foursome... he would 'drive' their golf balls up the fairway to give them a better shot to get to the green, thus getting a better score on the hole.
It was an all women's golf outing.  At least I think most all knew that they were playing (paying) for a fundraiser.... they gladly paid their extra fee and were excited to see this nice gentleman hit their ball over 250 yards.  It was for fun!  It was for charity!  It was a beautiful September day.... and some women.... well, they were woman.... CHEAP and crabby.

I played with a photo app on the picture above.  My creative twist for today's post. 
I don't think volunteering for this event was eye opening... but it was another experience to tuck inside my resume is changing and growing.... from being a PTA member to a PTA president, to working on designing posters to painting backdrops, from set up to clean up ... to collecting money and handing out drinks....
I only volunteer a little bit.  Hardly anything compared to some (but whose comparing).... but I think any little bit helps. It's simple enough to do!
LIFE isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments. - Rose Kennedy
Let's see what type of view my next Volunteer adventure takes me!
A good deed brightens a dark world.
Makes me want to go and Brighten Someone's Day with some FuN MaiL.

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