Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My 'Lil Punkin

I'd rather sit alone on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion.
 - Henry David Thoreau
Week #39 LIFE'S simple pleasures - Fall
Are you experiencing the first days of fall in your neck of the woods? 
The nights are cool and crisp, the leaves are beginning to turn colors and fall from the trees, the newspapers are advertising fall festivals, coffee shops are promoting warm specialty spiced drinks and pumpkins are sitting, waiting to be purchased at the garden center.
LIFE'S simple pleasures: thick orange or yellow shelled winter squash - the pumpkin.

I like to decorate with pumpkins.   I have a few here and there.
Did you know that Illinois is one of the top providers of this crop?
Four fun facts about pumpkins:
  • During colonial times, pumpkins were used as an ingredient in the crust, not the filling
  • The largest pumpkin has weighed in at 1,140 lbs
  • The flowers on a pumpkin are edible
  • 90% of the pumpkin is water

It's been years since I had to try and figure out what an author/poet meant by his writing.  I always thought... they could write for only writing sake, couldn't they?  Not everything has to mean something else?  That, it why I'm just a little blog writer I meaning behind my posts is to expose friends and family who follow me... to enjoy the simple pleasures in LIFE. 
Maybe a pumpkin brings back memories of when you were a child and you went to the pumpkin patch each year, and wondered around looking for that perfect shaped pumpkin with the crooked stem.  Or maybe as an adult you love the pumpkin spiced candles that great you when you walk into Bath and Body Works. It could be that you look forward to fall, because you know that you will be able to order (or make) delicious pumpkin pie with cool whip!
So? Is Henry David Thoreau talking about being well rounded and grounded as an individual as he sits on his pumpkin?  Be unique and set yourself apart from the crowd.
Now go Brighten Someone's Day

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