Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Feeling a Little Stuffed

I haven't really learned to laugh at myself...

I tend to giggle....
...sometimes with extreme excitement when things come together! 

And yet most of what I do... is quite simple.  I'm not out to create or design something fantabulous, but I do know my purpose is to put a little SHINE in my corner of the world!

Week # 38 LIFE'S simple pleasures - fall
So many things come to mind when I think of fall.  It's sweater time in the Midwest (which means hopefully, no more sweatin') oh, a cute boot weather!!!  It means pumpkins and jack-o-laterns.  Apple cider and pumpkin spice. Crunchy leaves and corn stalks.  And scarecrows.
I giggle like a little school girl because I remember I had this picture.  Now, where to find it after 2 moves to different states and 15 years!!!!  I think I always wanted to be a clown.  Perform, act, dress up and wear make-up.  One particular neighborhood we lived in, parent participation in our annual  Halloween parade was 'almost' mandatory.
What can I say?  Fall and scarecrows are synonymous.

Scarecrows or hay-men are human shaped decoys dressed in old clothing out in the field to protect the crops from seed eating crows!  They can be scary with ugly masks and dangling limbs that wave in the wind... or they can be cute with happy smiles on their faces! I don't want to scare crows, let alone people with my cute and whimsical scarecrows, they are a staple in fall decorations and on greeting cards!

Can you tell which one of these scrappy, floppy, happy men I made? And which is store bought?

I'm a little scarecrow stuffed with hay,
Standing watch in my field all day.
when I see a crow I like to shout,
"Hey Mr. Crow, you'd better get out"
I think I might go outside and just stand in the sun SHINE.  No crows to chase away here.... maybe a hawk or a cardinal! 
And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.

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